Artisan Creations

Massage/Skin Care Products

All of our skin care products are handcrafted in small batches with natural ingredients. No artificial colors, no harmful preservatives, and no synthetic fragrance oils. All of our packaging is recyclable and our long-term goals include switching to organic, fair-trade, and sustainable raw materials as they become available. Custom blends are available.

Shea Butters: Unrefined Shea butter from Ghana, blended with jojoba oil, rosemary extract and vitamin e oil. Refined Shea butter is available by request. Available in Dense Unscented (our popular massage butter), Lavender Vanilla Whipped, and Seasonally Scented Whipped.

Creams: Thick and hydrating natural formula, currently available in three varieties: Unscented, Lemon-Peppermint Foot Cream, and Cooling Sore Muscle Cream. The Lemon-Peppermint Foot Cream is a soothing and uplifting blend, a great follow-up to any foot treatment or as an overnight moisturizer. The Cooling Sore Muscle Cream is designed to reduce muscle pain and may reduce some inflammation. Needs to be massaged firmly into the muscles for best use; does not work well over tendons or bones. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes as the strong menthol crystals and essential oils will sting.

Lotions: Same hydrating formula as the creams but half as thick. Available in a variety of seasonal and requested scents. Some of the most popular blends include Ginger Lime, Strawberry Peach, and Orange Spice.

Essential Oil Mists: Specially blended therapeutic mists. Mists may be sprayed over the crown chakra while breathing deeply (please close your eyes first), may be sprayed on a tissue and inhaled or used as a room mist. Please consult a physician before using on children or during pregnancy. Not for use on pets. Some of the most popular blends include Grounding, Triple sage, Refreshing, and Energizing.

Bath and Foot Soak: A variety of many salts including Dead Sea and Himalayan, blended with essential oils and/or flowers and herbs. Salt soaks are great for softening feet before using a salt scrub or just relaxing after a long day. Most popular blends include Flower Power, Ginger Citrus, and Lemon Peppermint. Each bottle includes a mesh bag for a no-mess soak. Salt Scrubs: Unique blend of fine grain salts including Dead Sea Salt, exfoliants, Aloe Vera, and nutrient-rich oils. Favorite blends include Lemon Peppermint, Ginger Citrus, and Java. Caution: will make surfaces slippery.

Therapeutic Wraps: Microwaveable or freezable seed- and grain-filled wraps. Each wrap comes with a flannel or fleece removable cover. Covers may be hand washed; muslin seed pack is spot cleanable only. Available as a neck wrap (neck wrap is large enough for low back use), keyboard and mouse wrist rest set, or as a catnip-filled cat bed.

Non-Therapeutic Artisan Creations

Chainmaille Jewelry and Accessories: This technique of weaving jumprings is based on the armor worn by the knights in the middle ages, creating a jewelry style that is both versatile and durable. Most pieces are made with bright or anodized aluminum to create lightweight, cost effective and durable jewelry. Anodized aluminum is available in a rainbow of colors; precious metals are available by request. Current styles include bracelets, necklaces, rings, cuffs, handflowers, belts, earrings, keychains, tea light candle holders, and more.

Dreamcatchers: According to Native American tradition, when dreamcatchers are hung above the bed, they catch all of the bad dreams in the webbing and allow the good dreams to pass through the center. In the morning when the sun shines on the web, it burns up the bad dreams, so they may return as good dreams the next night. These handcrafted dreamcatchers are available in a variety of colors in leather and faux suede (vegan friendly), woven with an array of colorful beads and feathers.